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Example of a Handwritten Job Application Letter and Its Functions

Example of a Handwritten Job Application Letter and Its Functions

Technocian.me - A job application letter is one of the mandatory documents submitted by job applicants to companies or job recruiters. A job application letter is a file that becomes your identification. Writing a job application letter is also expected to be formal and in a neat format. With the hope that the entire contents of the job application letter can be read thoroughly by HRD or job recruiters. Job application letters can be handwritten or typed.

But there are also certain companies or agencies that require a job application letter to be written by hand. A handwritten job application letter should be clear, easy to read and neat. Neat letters and formal language are expected to make it easier for people to read them. Below we will explain some examples of correct and simple handwritten job application letters. Read more about the job application letter below detikersref!

Definition of Job Application Letter

A job application letter is a letter from someone who needs a job to someone or an official who can provide a job or position. Through this application, applicants ask to be given a job. A job application letter can also be interpreted as a letter of application from a prospective employee to the human resources (HRD) department of a company so that he can be accepted as an employee at that place.

Function of Job Application Letter

Judging from its function, a job application letter is needed as a medium of communication and also written evidence for submitting a job application letter. Here's the explanation:

As Written Evidence of Submitting a Job Application Letter

The main function of a job application letter is as written evidence of submitting a job application. The existence of a job application letter means that the application is official and of course it will be immediately accepted as a request and consideration in accepting applicants.

As a Media Or Communication Tool

One of the basic functions of a job application letter is as a medium of communication. Each letter can be ascertained to contain the information needed by the intended party. In a job application letter, the information needed is about the applicant's data and identity. Then a diploma, curriculum vitae, photocopy of KTP, and work experience statement will be attached.

All of this information is needed by a company or agency that is intended as material for consideration in accepting these applicants. Therefore it is important to remember to provide detailed information in the application letter and prepare all the prerequisites needed.

As Material for Consideration of Job Acceptance

Attachments to a curriculum vitae or CV, certificates, data and identity of applicants, work experience are documents needed by companies to consider whether applicants meet the requirements to fill vacant job vacancies.

Important Points To Note In Making A Handwritten Job Application Letter

A job application letter is one of the considerations from companies or job recruiters. Therefore, don't forget to use formal language and proper systematics. There are several important tips that need to be considered when writing a handwritten job application letter, including:

  • Cover letter is handwritten on paper covered with folio size.
  • Writing must be clear, clean and without any streaks.
  • Applicants must refer to themselves not by we but by I.
  • Applicants must also mention the head of the agency with Mr / Ms (if the leader is clear). If it's not clear, you can immediately state your position.

How to Write a Handwritten Job Application Letter

Writing or drafting a handwritten job application letter must be adapted to the intended company or agency and follow the specified writing requirements or delivery format. Things to pay attention to are:

  • Use good and correct language.
  • Write short, concise, and clear sentences.
  • Manual writing by hand, writing a job application letter manually is preferred by a company. Because, through handwriting can be judged about a person's personality.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of the job application letter.
  • Fill in your personal data and information about your personal data, and attach supporting documents such as a curriculum vitae, photocopy of identity and other required documents
  • If you have a supporting certificate that can add a plus for yourself, don't hesitate to attach it to your job application letter.

Widely Used Handwritten Job Application Letter Example Format

Bondowoso, 22 June 2023

Attachments: Eight sheets

Subject: Application for Employment

Dear Head of Personnel

PT. Subur Makmur Jaya

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman No 70


Yours faithfully,

Based on information on job vacancy advertisements published in the Bondowoso Post daily on June 20, 2023 PT. Subur Sejahtera Jaya requires three people in the field of company administration. In accordance with the field, with this I,

Name : Frido Putra

Place/date of birth : Bondowoso, May 8, 1991

Last education: S1 Management

GPA : 3.50

Address : Jalan Purnomo Adi Number 1 Bondowoso

Telephone (HP): 08124568878

Status : Not married

Submit an application to become an administrative employee of the company. As for the qualifications that I have in accordance with predetermined conditions. As a material consideration, I herewith attach some supporting documents as follows:

1. Copy of diploma that has been legalized: 2 sheets

2. Copy of Grade Transcript: 2 sheets

3. Copy of Microsoft Office Course Certificate: 1 sheet

4. Copy of Identity Card (KTP): 2 sheets

5. Certificate of Good Behavior from the Police: 1 sheet

6. Passport photos 2x3 and 3x4: 2 sheets

7. Curriculum Vitae (CV): 1 sheet

Thus I submit this job application letter. Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully,


Frido Putra

Thus a review of the Example of a handwritten job application letter and its functions, hopefully this is useful.

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