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Example of a Handwritten Job Application Letter in a Hospital

Example of a Handwritten Job Application Letter in a Hospital

Technocian.me - Competition in the world of work is a major problem that will be faced by almost all new graduates. How about a good and correct application to apply for a job in a hospital?

A handwritten job application letter, of course, must give a good impression even to the smallest aspects that must be considered. Starting Sample Handwritten Job Application Letter in Hospital with a job application letter, here are some examples of job application letters in hospitals. By writing a good and attractive cover letter, your chances of being accepted will be even greater.

The Importance of a Job Application Letter When Applying for a Job

After knowing the meaning, now you also have to know why a job application letter is very important for applying for a job. Even though a job application letter is just a piece of paper that contains personal data and an application. Then why can this be considered important in the process of applying for a job? The following explains why a job application letter is important in the process of applying for a job:

Make a Good Impression

Like when you first introduce yourself to someone, you want to make a good impression on that person. When it comes to the process of applying for a job, this job application letter can be a medium that helps you get a good impression from HRD.

Make sure the contents of the job application letter are interesting, and include work experience that is relevant to the position you are applying for. If you are a fresh graduate and don't have work experience in any field, you can fill out a job application letter by writing down your strengths and abilities that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

To Facilitate HRD In Performing File Selection

A job application letter can also assist HRD in selecting applicant files. This is because the job application letter is the first document that is read by HRD, make sure the job application letter is not long-winded and contains important points about yourself so that HRD is interested and contacts you to advance to the next stage. Make a job application letter as best as possible, so that you can pass the file selection stage carried out by HRD.

Applicant Self Description

A job application letter containing the applicant's identity is a tool for HRD to see the character and abilities of each applicant. HRD will assess whether the applicant's abilities and characteristics listed in the job application letter are in accordance with the position required by the company. If appropriate, then you will be selected for the next job selection stage. Therefore, a job application letter is very important in increasing the likelihood of applicants being accepted by HRD.

The Applicant's Skills Are Seen In Writing

A job application letter will show the abilities and skills of an applicant, which will be an added value for the applicant in the eyes of HRD. Therefore, make a job application letter that is well structured, and uses the right choice of words.

Systematic Handwritten Job Application Letters in Interesting Hospitals

On this occasion, there are several things that need to be considered in a job application letter for those of you who have the goal of applying to a hospital or health center. There are quite a lot of people who want to work in hospitals, especially for those who already plan to pursue education in the health sector, such as majoring in midwifery, nursing to medicine.

So, to be able to work in a hospital is certainly not easy. Apart from having educational qualifications in the field of health and experience, you must also be able to convince the Hospital Selection Team where you are applying through a job application letter.

So you have to be able to make a job application letter in a hospital that is not only good and correct but also interesting so that it is different from the others. To get a job that is in accordance with the desired position in the hospital, you must submit a job application letter.

As for paying attention to special requirements such as STR and also other special certificates. In order to be a different applicant from other candidates, a different description and including experience during college or previous work experience can be a plus.

Check out the correct sample handwritten job application letter at the hospital

Surabaya, 30 February 2023


Mr / Ms Head of Hospital Hospital …….

In place

Yours faithfully,

In connection with the information on job vacancies on social media which states that currently the Mr/Mrs Pimpin Hospital requires a nurse to be placed at the Mr/Mrs Pimpin Hospital. With this, I am very interested in working at the Hospital that you lead as a nurse. Here is my brief personal data:

Name: Siti Aisyah

Place/Date of Birth : Surabaya, May 14 1999

Last Education: S1 Nursing

Domicile : Surabaya

Phone Number : 08889999

With the ability to work related to nurses, I'm sure I can become a nurse in this hospital. I can also work under pressure and also work in a team. For consideration, I attach several files, among others, namely:

  • CV
  • Photocopy of the last diploma
  • Passport photo 3×4
  • Transcripts
  • Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP)
  • Certificate of Achievement

Thus I submit this application letter. I really hope to be given further opportunities to participate in an interview. Thank You.

Best regards,

Signature and full name

Thus the review about, Sample Handwritten Job Application Letter in Hospital. Hopefully useful.

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