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Get to know the Indonesian E-Wallet Plus and Minus series before using

Get to know the Indonesian E-Wallet Plus and Minus series before using

Plus minus e wallet Indonesia seems to be the talk of many people. Especially now that many people want to use a digital wallet but still have doubts. In this sophisticated era, it is time to use the digital version. However, not all of them agree to use the services of an e-wallet.

Plus Minus e Wallet Indonesia that you need to know

E Wallet itself is a digital wallet that can be used for transactions. Its use is also very practical because it is in the form of an application. So that it is integrated with smartphones and of course more comfortable. Even so, first you need to know what are the pluses and minuses of an Indonesian e-wallet.

Efficient, Practical, and Easy

The first advantage is that it is easy and practical. The reason is clear because it can be used via a smartphone. No need to bring cash, but you can pay directly via smartphone. Just adjust it with the nominal that must be paid then scan the QR code for payment.

Recorded Transaction

Talking about the pluses and minuses of Indonesian e-wallet, what's interesting is that every transaction will be entered in the history record. So that users can find out how much nominal is issued. Checking can be done at any time whenever there is an expense or income.

There is an Attractive Promotion

E Wallet not only functions as a digital wallet but also provides many interesting promos. Some of the interesting promos are discounts, additional points that can be exchanged, to cashback.

Disadvantages of Indonesian e-Wallet

If you review the pluses and minuses of the Indonesian e-wallet, you need to know the drawbacks, what are the disadvantages?

The System Can Error Anytime

Applications usually experience problems in the form of sudden errors. This is of course less effective if at the time of payment there is a sudden error. Especially if you don't bring spare money like cash.

Not All Stores Provide e Wallet

Another drawback is that although e Wallet is available, not all stores provide the service. If you go to a small shop or a simple supermarket, you rarely find e-wallet services.

Plus minus e wallet Indonesia you really need to know. Because, there are some users who may be tempted to use an e-wallet but don't know the drawbacks. The use of digital wallets must also be wise to overcome excessive spending of money.

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