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Tips for Winning Using Hero Kagura in Mobile Legends

Tips for Winning Using Hero Kagura in Mobile Legends

Mobile legends is a phenomenal game nowadays and many people play it, from children to adults. The following game has added some hero traits and you can use one of the following heroes to win the mobile legends battle.

Of the various ml strongest heroes that you play, of course one of the most difficult to play is the Kagura hero, because this hero has skills and roles that are really difficult to play, this hero is mostly played by pro players and is already used to playing Mobile legends, like the global top 1 “RPQ Lemon” which has been recognized everywhere. Of course if you play the kagura hero, it's really difficult for you to become one of the global top for the game.

So now we will provide additional 5 tips to win using Hero Kagura Mobile Legends so that you get the opportunity to become one of the top global Mobile Legends. how do? follow the five tips below.

5 Tips to Win Using Hero Kagura

1. Using Kagura's Combo Skill Correctly

So the first thing is that you have to get used to using the Kagura hero skill combo correctly and at the right moment for the conditions when playing. Kagura itself has 5 skills that can be used in turns, here are the steps for using the correct combo skill and making it easier.

At first, use the Seimei Umbrella Open skill (Skill 1) to throw an umbrella at the enemy. Then take out the Yin Yang Overturn (Skill 3) skill to give a large additional magic damage. Move Kagura's umbrella using the Seimei Umbrella Open skill again.

Then use the Rasho Umbrella Flee skill (Skill 2) to change to where the umbrella is and give an additional stun effect. Use the Yin Yang Overturn (Skill 3) skill to cause the enemy to be knocked back.

Then give a distance from the enemy using the Rasho Umbrella Flee skill (Skill 2). Kill the enemy using the Seimei Umbrella Open skill (Skill 1).

So if sorted it would be:

Skill 1 > Skill 3 > Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Skill 3 > Skill 2 > Skill 1

2. Build Correct Items

Tips for Winning Using Hero Kagura in Mobile Legends

The second way is to use the correct build item, if you don't understand this, you can watch the build of the kagura hero skill of the global top players, for example RPQ Lemon who often lives streaming on his YouTube, you can imitate the skill the build that he uses to become the top 1 global hero kagura in mobile legends.

3. True Battle Spell

Tips for Winning Using Hero Kagura in Mobile Legends

The use of battle spells is really useful in the game, especially again Kagura's hero, the top global players use battle spells like Retribution. Because this spell can help Kagura while farming or cleaning the lane.

4. Take Buff

Taking buffs is a really important thing, if there is no priority for heroes to take buffs, you should take the buff. Because taking a buff can increase the abilities of Kagura itself. And it will help you in a game.

5. Using Skill 1 Kagura

Using Kagura's first skill is the right thing when you want to farm or protect the lane, you can use Kagura's 1st skill, namely Seimei Umbrella Open. Because this skill has a fairly fast cooldown. Moreover, this first skill allows you to use it to combine combos from other Kagura skills. You can also use this skill in the middle of a war.

Hero Kagura's Strengths and Weaknesses

Hero Kagura's advantages:

As a Mage hero who is famous for overpowering, Kagura has various advantages such as the following.

  • Kagura has a fairly large damage. 1 time combo skill from Kagura can kill other Marksman or Mage heroes.
  • Kagura's passive skill has stun and absorbs effects that can help in fighting or farming.
  • Kagura's skills have a lot of crowd control such as stun, knockback, pull, and slow.
  • Having high mobility, especially again Kagura has good survival skills.

Weaknesses of Hero Kagura:

Although equipped with many variations of advantages, this hero of course has some drawbacks as well. Like the following example.

  • Kagura is also a difficult hero to use.
  • Wasteful of mana, and completely related to buffs.
  • Vulnerable to hero stun and other crowd control.
  • Has low HP, and is weak against physical attacks.

Those are 5 good tips for using the Kagura Mobile Legends hero, if you are still not successful with the steps above, you can see the top global Kagura heroes live streaming on YouTube or others. Of course it will be really useful for you in the future.

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