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How To Make a Hydroponic Netpot from Used Bottles

How To Make a Hydroponic Netpot from Used Bottles

Hydroponic planting is actually not too difficult if done with extra patience. In addition, seeking knowledge about how to grow hydroponic crops must of course also be done so that in growing hydroponic plants you don't get disappointing results.

How to grow hydroponics with used bottles, we deliberately made a special article following the previous article about What is Hydroponics? and Preparation for Starting Hydroponics. This article itself remembers that there are still many beginners who are still confused about the location of the hole or the placement of the hydroponic axis in used aqua glass containers.

Hopefully this article can be used to start growing hydroponic plants from used bottles such as kale, lettuce, and mustard greens. Immediately following the tools and materials and how to make it.

Tools and Materials for making netpots from used glass:

  • Used Mineral Water Glass
  • Solder
  • Dark color paint

How to make a netpot with used goods:

  • Prepare a plastic glass of used mineral water to be used as a hydroponic netpot.
  • Heat the solder until it is able to make a hole in the bottle or glass of mineral water earlier.
  • Hole the used mineral water container horizontally about 2.5 cm in the bottom or middle corner.
  • Do the third step above on the other side of the glass of mineral water. This hole will be fitted with a hydroponic netpot axis.
  • Then make holes in the used glass on the bottom (bottom) or middle and the other side to provide hydroponic root vegetable development.
  • After the wick hole and root hole are finished, then paint the used mineral glass. This is to prevent the growth of moss in the netpot during the growing period until the hydroponic vegetable harvest period.

For information, bottles or used items used to prepare hydroponics are not recommended to be clear because they can accelerate the growth of annoying moss. In many cases failure of hydroponics, often caused by the growth of moss, pests, and even parasites. Which in the end made the novice hydroponic farmer mentally hit the end, he was beautiful.

In the next post, we will review about making hydroponic installations from used bottles. We will marry this used bottle with a netpot from used glass. Imagine, we plant as well as take advantage of unused items. Good luck.

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