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How To Install CanoScan Lide 100 Scanner Driver on a Laptop

Hi friends, back again on my favorite site. At the beginning of this August I want to share an article about computers. Precisely regarding the scanner application for laptops. If you're not looking for computer articles, I suggest you immediately press the home button on your cellphone, then click the Tik Tok logo, and start dancing again. Haha

Although this article is about computers, in fact we only studied a little about laptop scanner applications. But it's not actually an application, but the truth is the scanner driver. Yes, even though friends want to know how to use a new scanner on a laptop, actually the driver or scanner application can be installed on a computer or laptop device.

So it's not limited to just laptops, friends. But it can also be installed on all types of computer brands.

Well, no need to linger anymore, let's just get into the discussion, namely how to install the driver, know the scanner application. Checkidot...

First: Download Scanner Driver Extension File

Before downloading the scanner driver, you should first understand the site or application installer but software. But if you don't want to take the time to find out what the installer website is, you can just download the driver by pressing the download button below.

Second: Install the Scanner Driver To Your Laptop or Computer

After downloading the driver, right-click or right-click on the extension file that was downloaded earlier then click run. If nothing happens, then you can double click or double click on the scanner driver file that was downloaded earlier to start installing. Then as soon as possible a confirmation window will open for the lide 100 scanner driver installation.

At this stage, you only need to do or click OK, OK, OK, OK, and OK until the installation stage is complete. But don't take it easy, click ok. Also read every article that appears in the window, every time you just left, okay.

After that, in the last window, the scanner driver application will instruct you to connect the scanner to your laptop or computer.

At this stage, you only need to plug the scanner's USB plug cable into your laptop or computer. Finally, press the on button on the scanner.

Third: Closing

If you do the right thing, then the last window will display a notification that the scanner is connected to your PC, laptop or computer.

If you have gone through these stages, it can be said that the scanner can be used to scan photos, ID cards, diplomas, and other files for the purpose of applying for online jobs or for migrating personal collections from hardcopy to softcopy.

That's it for this article. Hopefully it can be useful for friends who are already stressed from working from home while in their heads only want to do Self Healing by traveling to outer space.

May we all stay healthy and protected from the dangers of the pandemic.

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