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Suitable Hero Using Roam Encourage, Update Mobile Legends 2022


Technocian.me - Blessing Encourage is very often used by Roamer tanks during war, by increasing Team Damage, when you have successfully activated this Blessing Teamfight will feel comfortable not afraid of the weakness of the Damage Deal given to the opponent. Encourage has a passive increase in Physical Attack and Magic Power Hero of one team when near the owner of this Roam item, besides this Blessing will increase the team's Movement Speed ​​by 15% according to the Gold Thriving Roamer.

We know that when a Roamer buys an Item Roam, he will not get Gold and Exp. To activate Blessing, he must collect Gold up to 600 max 1500. For that, the roamer does not need to Clear Minions or Jungle in the forest, Roamers are needed when Teamfight and fast rotation are intensified. .

With this Blessing item, when the war is close enough to the Roamer, all teammates will receive passive. This item is very suitable for barbarian tanks and teams often do war continuously, with increased damage it will easily kill the opponent

Here are the recommended heroes to buy this Blessing :

1. Jhonson

2. Belerick

3. Grock

4. Gatot Kaca

5. Baxia

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