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List of Gold Lane Thugs, Update Mobile Legends 2022

Technocian.me - Mobile Legend is currently the most popular game with many events such as MPL. MPLI, as well as M Series. Every time we play this ML, of course there is a passionate desire to win every match, every war, even every public word mechanical fight that we often hear today. Associated with a mechanical fight or skill strength competition of each hero or Mobile Legend character, surely each lane meets each other, one hero meets another hero or we know by one it is called a mechanical fight, the lane in Mobile Legend consists of 3 Lanes are Gold Lane, Mid Lane, and EXP Lane. Especially the Gold Lane or Lane that produces the most money or network, surely when we want to win it by one, so that when we win there is freedom to farm and produce more Gold to buy the items we need.

The following is a list of Gold Lane thugs who are very strong and often used by proplayers.

  • Popol and Kupa, after getting a recent Buff, in terms of skill 2 it has an immune effect from enemy CC, so this hero is quite worth it when we laning face with Crowdcontrol enemy heroes.

  • Clint, after the boom was used in M3, the public competed to use this hero, the critical damage from him was so painful when it hit the enemy, but recently Clint received Nerf from Moonton CD from skill 2 reduced.

  • Beatrix, by using this hero it is possible that in the early game we can win a mechanical battle, so many weapons that this hero has, so that we as users or who want to try this hero have many options.

  • Brody, with build tanks or damage we can last hit the enemy easily, for the initial damage poking is quite painful, you have to be good at using each skill. Plus, the ultimate when the enemy is full staking with his range is so easy to disable.

Each hero has our skills as ML players, we have to be smart in using them, there are losses when we lose in a mechanical fight, the enemy gets gold and farming, while we miss gold and there is a fear of going one by one again.

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