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Latest Diggie Tank Build, Update Mobile Legends 2022


Technocian.me - Diggie is a type of Support hero, we often find him made a Tank to cover teammates. With the ability of Guard and Poking Damage, Diggie at the beginning of the game has a very vulnerable body resistance from death while this Late Game hero is very important to be able to eliminate CC effects and provide protection for a team.

With a difficulty level of 5/10 for tank users, it is very easy to use. Unlike other Tank heroes, you need combos and cool montages, Diggie only needs to make sure every skill is On Point, in terms of skill, it's very unique, along with the explanation.

Skill 1 Auto Alarm Bomb, Diggie throws Owl Alarm into the specified area.

Skill 2 Reserve Time, pull back after being hit by Mark from Diggie.

Ultimate Time Journey, gives Shield to friends and removes CC effects from opponents.

If Diggie is made a Tank, you can try the Concussive Blast Emblem and the Spell can Flicker or Aegis, besides that for Build you can try the Set Top Player and the Recommendations.

1. Tough Boost

2. Dominance Ice

3. Fleeting Time

4. Antique Cuirass

5. Athena Shield/Radiant Armor

6. Immortality

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