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How to Use Yi Shun-Sin, Update Mobile Legends 2022

Technocian.me - Yi Sun-shin is a type of Assassin hero and can also be a Marksman, with Reap/Chase abilities worthy of an Assassin hero, generally Yi Sun-shin is often used as a Hyper Carry for Meta now, there are many tournaments like MPL Indonesia and M Series when draft picks use this hero. Proplayers in the class of Sans, Ferxic, Alberttt often use this hero in tournament, Classic, and Ranked modes. Yi Sun-Shin after the revamp underwent several skill changes, namely

Passive Heavenly Vow, Yi Shun-sin chose Longbow or Glaive to attack according to his distance from the target. Every time you change weapons, you will reduce the Cooldown of Traceless for 1 second.

Skill 1 (Traceless), using a proper sword like slashing forward with his Glaive.

Skill 2 (Blood Floods), slashing with a sword, and shooting with arrows that he has like charging.

Ultimate (Mountain Shocker), orders the Naval Feet ship to do 3 waves of Cannon Attack to all enemies.

With a high level of Durability and difficulty, this hero user needs High Mechanics to be able to play Yi Sun-shin's hero. Generally, Yi Sun-shin's proplayers are used as Junglers in Teamfight, and the Killing Spree emblem is a solution plus the Retribution spell

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