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How to Use Lancelot, Update Mobile Legends 2022

Technocian.me - Lancelot is an Assassin similar to Hayabusa with the typical Chase and Burst Damage, this Hero is a subscription to be chosen to be Core or Hyper in both Classic Mode and Ranked Mode. In terms of MPL or M3 Series this hero is a bone of contention for the team's draft pick, has quite good mobility and medium difficulty, this hero is very suitable to be recommended. This hero skill after revamp did not change drastically.

Skill 1 (Puncture), moves blink in the specified direction

Skill 2 (Thorned Rose), a triangular patterned sword technique creates incredible damage and slow effects

Ultimate (Phantom Execution), Blink is fast like charging in a short time, with high targets and damage.

After Revamp for emblems and spells it is still the same using Killing Spree and Retribution because Lancelot is generally used as a Hyper Carry. For combinations when using Lacelot Skill one must hit the opponent so that the CD is lost, while Skill 2 must be On point.

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