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How to Use Hero Ling Mobile Legends 2022

Technocian.me -  Hero Ling is similar to Hayabusa, Lancelot who is a typical Assassin or assassin with Chase/Burst Damage abilities. Ling is identical to one of RRQ Hoshi's Roster, namely Albertt, when he uses Ling's hero the possibility of winning is very large, it can even be said that Ling was created for Albertt to use.

In various tournaments, Ling's hero is selling well, with mobile capabili
ties, this hero is easy to join teamfights. In contrast to Assassin heroes in general, Ling's skills or mechanics are very difficult to master.

The following is an explanation of the skills on hero ling that must be known, to make it easier to use:

Skill 1 (Finch Rose), using Lightness, Ling is free to climb walls and descend to do war and farming

Skill 2 (Defiant Sword), does a Blink as if stabbed in the specified direction using a sword

Ultimate (Tempest of Blades), with CC Ling effect jumping around using her sword skills

Like Junglers in general, Retribution and Emblem Killing Spree are still dominantly used, for items, you can try the recommendation of Set top player which is not too far from other Cores. Make sure when using Ultimate it must be right so that the Cooldown of skill 2 is reset.

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