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How to Use Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends 2022

Technocian.me - After recently dropping or nerfing for Hayabusa's hero, this Hero is back on the rise, many pro players or the public use it. Hayabusa with Hero Chase and Burst Damage characters is again in demand as a Jungler in Mobile Legends teamfight, with high Durability and a fairly low level of hero difficulty, Hayabusa is very suitable to be used as an Assassin Jungler. With the ability to rotate and move very quickly, it is very suitable for teams to initiate war. 

This hero skill is very unique, here's an explanation.

Skill 1 (Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken), Hayabusa fires 3 Shuriken and takes back quickly by passively gaining 3% Spell Vamp every Ninjutsu.

Skill 2 (Quad Shadow), dashes in the specified direction and casts 4 shadows.

Ultimate (Shadow Kill), merges with the shadow and gives 6 Single attacks to enemy targets in the area.

For the Emblem selection, it is definitely highly recommended that Killing Spree passively after successfully killing it will increase HP Regen, while for Spell the same as in junglers generally use Retribution to make farming faster

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