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How to Play Hero Brody Mobile Legends 2022

Technocian.me - Marksman is the most important hero in the war in Land of Dawn Mobile Legends. Like Brody's hero with Burst Damage and Reap abilities having a central role, this hero is always the choice to fill the role in Gold Lane. 

Quite low in terms of difficulty in mastering heroes, for MM user players, this hero is highly recommended. Every hero must have a skill or mechanic, especially Brody's hero, there are several skills, namely.

Skill 1 (Abyss Impact), Brody releases Shock Wave in the specified direction.

Skill 2 (Corroive Strike), Brody runs towards the opponent or target and gives a stun effect.

Ultimate (Torn-Apart Memory), After locking the target with a distance of 8 yards, if the target has the Abyss Mark will receive Physical Damage, whether full or not.

Brody is usually used as a Gold Lane in the current patch, with the Killing Spree Emblem or Weakness Finder suitable and in accordance with the mechanics of this hero, while Spell can be Fliker, Aegis, and even Retribution if used as a Core.

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