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Build the Strongest Lolita Hero in Mobile Legends for 2022

Technocian.me - Lolita is a type of hero that is typical of Support/Tank with the ability during teamfight wars to do Guard/Crowdcontrol which can easily protect the team and can also initiate war in the Land of Dawn.

In Skill 1, we can easily do blink and stun effects to lock an enemy hero, while for Skill 2 like a protector, the lolita shield is created to fend off continuous damage from the enemy.

For the ultimate itself, when war and seeing enemies gather, a lolita can initiate a war by opening an ulti with a fliker combo that can quickly stun or stop when the enemy is hit.

Lolita is very overpowered, even though she doesn't get a revamp or buff when ranked, we will definitely meet this Lolita.

Regarding the Lolita hero, there must be a build item that is suitable and in accordance with this hero, here are the lolita build items that are often used by proplayers:

  • Tough Boots, by minimizing the enemy's CC by 30%, a lolita tank is free to move.

  • Athena Shield, anti against Magical damage.

  • Domina Ace, passively parses the enemy's HP regen.

  • Brute Force, quite cheap and effective, fend off enemy physical defense.

  • Immortality, by living 2 times a Lolita is not afraid to make war.

  • Antiquiras, endure when encountering Lancelot, Ling, and hero core burst damage.

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