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5 Most Popular Esport Games in the World, 2022 Game Update

Technocian.me - Online games are currently very popular with many people from children, teenagers, adults and even parents sometimes like to play games. When a game is very popular with many players, either from outside or within the country, it will make a kind of tournament event to show how much the game exists. For parties when opening and making tournaments, they will definitely provide a very large Priepool prize so that it can attract many players to play the game.

Here are some games that are popular around the world :

1. Overwatch

Approximately 3,494 Professional Players with a Prizepool of USD 26 Million in 743 tournaments through 2022.

2. League of Legends

With a total of 7,130 Professional Players, the Prizepool Prize pool collected 79 Million USD in 2477 Tournaments.

3. Fornite

This Battle Royale game attracted 4,346 Professional Players and an accumulated prize of 97 Million USD in 655 Tournaments.

4. Counter Strike Global Offensive

Similar to Point Blank, this game is very popular abroad and has managed to create around 13,029 Professional Players and 102 Million USD Prizes in 524 Tournaments.

5. DOTA 2

Quite a lot around 3,837 Professional Players and 227 Million USD Prizes in 1,432 Tournaments.

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