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3 Reasons Why Hero Healer Becomes Roamer, Update Mobile Legends 2022

Technocian.me - There are so many characters and Hero abilities in the Mobile Legends game, one of which is Support type with a Skill Healing area to teammates.

Besides being useful when a war occurs, a hero with healing abilities is believed to be able to make war more confident and not afraid to lose HP.

Most healing heroes on the Patch are now used as Roamers or Tanks, here's why:

1. Make teammates thick with HP

Heroes who have team durability will become stronger, and when doing teamfights together it will be difficult to overthrow and when all enemy skills have entered with a lot of team HP it is possible to reverse the situation when the war takes place.

2. Combined with Roam Item Blessing Favor

To withstand and increase HP durability and endurance, Blessingg Favor provides a passive every 10 seconds when active will supply teammates' HP Regen. When using this type of roam, you will not be afraid of losing your life when there is a continuous supply of roamers who use Blessing Favor.

3. The mechanics of Hero Healer are easier

Most Heroes who have Healing skills to teammates are very easy to master, maybe just a tap in skill. This hero is very suitable to be placed to do Gameboost to Gold Laner to protect the marksman who is there.

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